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Bloomdale Beach Apartments

Bloomdale Beach Apartments

Lot 1 Keizer Hill Enterprises Main Road Enterprise Drive, BB17053 Christ Church, Barbados



To all vacationers, please read this very carefully before booking your vacation with Bloomdale Beach Apartments.

Andrew Daniels is the owner of this building and he does a horrible job of making sure that the building is maintained.I stayed in Apt # 5 upstairs on the top floor. The place has a housekeeper by the name of Sonia, but it might as well not have one, cause the place have not had a good cleaning in years.The building itself is in a prime location the ZR vans plus the Government buses runs right outside the building, you have a 5-10 walk to the beach /10-15 mins walk to Oistins and the night life.

But please don’t be fooled by the location, cause that is all that Bloomdale Beach Apartment has going for it. The apartment we stayed in looked like it was not used/cleaned in months, there were small dead insects all over the place, and the amenities in our rental unit were very old and in need of replacement. The only towel rack in the bathroom was broken, the toilet seat was shaking every time you sat on it; only I roll of toilet paper no refill for 7 days (3 people)

No change of linen was provided, and that was fine with me cause I didn’t use they linen anyway ,I didn’t trust sleeping on those lines.

One of our requirements was for Wi-Fi service , he had it but it didn’t work very well for us; The only T.V in the apartment would work for 5-10 minutes and then freeze, where you had to turn if off. The best part of this is when we got to the apartment on Sunday morning we did not see Mr. Daniels until Monday night, and that was only because we were complaining about the state of the apartment. Who rents an apartment and doesn’t provide you with a garbage can, broom/dust pan, dish washing liquid to wash the dishes.

Upon expressing our feeling about the lack of accommodations Mr.Daniels refused to compensate us, and suggested that we could always fine some place else to stay.

This was my first rental on the Island, instead of staying with family and as far as Bloomdale Beach Apartment goes I will never stay in that dump again, I learned my lesson the hard way and I hope this helps someone else from making the same mistake.

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