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Luna Sea Inn – Jamaica

A2 Southcoast Highway, Bluefields, Jamaica





Luna Sea Inn is a place a bit off center.
A place where we all let our hair down, where shorts and flip flops are proper attire day, evening or any occasion.
Luna Sea is for those with a crazy passion for the sea.
And there is plenty of that to enjoy, as we are almost surrounded by it upon our tiny peninsula.


Jump in the infinity pool for a quick cool down. Move to the swim up bar for an ice cold Red Stripe or just relax by the waterfall. There are hand made adirondack chairs on deck waiting for you. No problem if you are not a swimmer, the pool is only four foot deep! It is for hanging out, not swimming. If you want to take a swim, jump in the ocean ~ accessible from both sides of the property.

There are loungers sitting strategically around for laying in the sun or shade while reading your favorite book or just taking in your surroundings. Perhaps you and your special person want to take over the seaside lounge bed for a bit of cuddling while the waves lap at the shore just a few feet away. Listen to a bit of Reggae or just soak up the real vibes of Jamaica.

The courtyard, with four rooms opening directly onto it, is a great place to gather to watch that favorite sports team. With a large outdoor TV it is perfect to catch a game with old friends or to make new ones. It is also perfect for a family gathering, a birthday party, or even a small wedding reception. With high speed cable, there is always something great to watch.


If you are feeling a bit hungry, you’ll be in for a treat. Move over to our restaurant for a cheeseburger in paradise or some international cuisine (often with a Jamaican twist). If you are craving some traditional cooking, we’ve got that too. Try a spicy local dish. There are many great drinks to partake of at the bar. Ask our staff for recommendations. All of this is seaside so you never have to leave the ocean or change from your swimsuit. Just throw on a t-shirt or cover up and come on over.

Make your way to the Little Shop of Luna Sea in our lobby for a unique selection of local goods. Offering a wide range of Jamaican made products, our Little Shop is two spacious cabinets full of unique handpicked offerings. We are committed to supporting artists all around Jamaica. We have beautiful handcrafted calabash, wooden carvings, paintings and jewelry among other craft items that are sure to catch your attention. Please be aware that 25% of the proceeds from purchases in the gift shop will be channeled back into our community partnerships.

Tours can be arranged to meet with artists in the immediate community. Local artists, Jah Calo of Studio Black and Gerry McDonald have galleries just a short distance from the property.


Our team at Luna Sea Inn is dedicated to making your stay the best experience possible. All are eager to greet you with a smile and welcome you to a place that we are so fortunate to call home… Bluefields, Jamaica! We look forward to having you back again and again. Only happy, dedicated people are hired for Luna Sea Inn and we want everyone to have fun from staff to guests. Laughter and smiles are commonplace.

Anything a guest wants or needs, from a special liquor to a special smoke, just let us know. It is our goal is to meet

every possible request quickly and seamlessly. Five star service for a three star price is our motto.


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