Oa Oa Lodge

Oa Oa Lodge

Oa Oa Lodge, Vaitape, Polinesia Francesa



Oa is a Tahitian word meaning “to be happy & content; to rejoice”. Oa Oa signifies “Twice the Happiness, Twice the Contentedness &…….Twice the Rejoicing”. The newly managed & freshly refurbished Oa Oa Lodge is appropriately named & very much so!

After several years providing up-market long term accommodation to certain lucky residents, the complex has recently be taken in hand by the owners who now operate & manage the lodge as a correctly priced, well placed boutique hotel.

Oa Oa Lodge is an exclusive waterfront establishment offering 8 comfortable bungalows set in an enchanting tropical garden offering expansive views over Bora Bora’s world famous lagoon. The configuration is well thought out – 3 wonderful Overwater Bungalows, 3 Premium Garden Bungalows & 2 Standard Garden Bungalows.
That’s Motu Tapu in the background – sunsets from this setting are simply sensational.

To one side there’s a superb swimming pool with a large deck & a convenient jetty from which to take a dip in the lagoon or from which tour operators can pick you up ‘at your very doorstep’. To the other side, a private beach is to be found. What this means is that privacy & tranquility, amidst every modern convenience that being in town offers, are assured.

The garden & the garden bungalows all have a functional kitchenette. That’s the mythical Mt Pahia in the background…….well worth climbing!

With only 8 bungalows Oa Oa Lodge offers the owner/operators the opportunity to give guests unrivalled personal attention, something reflected in the bungalows themselves with every attention given to detail – king-size beds, internet access, right down to appropriate electrical adaptors. The Lodge is within walking distance of Bora Bora’s better restaurants – including Maikai, St James & the Yacht Club – & within a similar walking distance of supermarkets, doctors & the pharmacy.

There’s much to be said for the convenience offered to those staying in Vaitape proper in terms of the access it provides to island life, to island activities, to be able to attend events happening on the island. Oa Oa Lodge is the best placed accommodation to have access to the spectacular Heiva I Bora, the outstanding Taurua Varua, for wining & dining, to see any musicians in town & so on.

Oa Oa Lodge is run by Heimiti Buchin, a member of a well-known family on the island deeply involved in the island’s tourism. Heimiti has travelled extensively & studied abroad – he brings a welcome understanding of the needs of english speaking visitors to the island’s hotel industry.

You can reach Oa Oa upon arriving in Bora Bora by taking the free ferry – a large & comfortable catamaran – to Vaitape quay where a member of Oa Oa’s staff will pick you up & take you to the lodge. A similar service is offered for your return journey – the service both ways is free!

There are plans for a new jetty, & a gymnasium & associated bar ready to take in the mega sunsets.


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