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The Runaway – Jamaica

88, Rickets Dr, Runaway Bay, Jamaica



The Runaway Jamaica:

Runaway Bay Jamaica is about an hour from the airport in Montego Bay. It’s a central location near a lot of attractions, and about 30 minutes away from Ocho Rios. At The Runaway Jamaica, named after the area, every guest’s stay is a retreat. The owners curate excursions to the liking of their guests. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided throughout the day. Jeff and Kalisa were hands-on with designing this two-story townhouse decked out with elegance. They were intentional about using local craftsmen to get the job done. From the elaborate woodwork to the blend of bright beautiful colors, and the antique accent furniture handed down from Kalisa’s grandmother, it all comes together as a cozy, stylish luxury B&B.

The Food!

Oh. My. Gosh! From the callaloo to the breadfruit and the ackee to saltfish, the mouthwatering dishes made with Jamaican fruits and vegetables were simply amazing! The wonders on a platter Kalisa cooked up honored those in our group that had special diet restrictions. Chef Kalisa delighted us day after day with meals like plantain pancakes, and other yummy meals – restricted or not – that titillated our palates. The food was so good and so filling that by lunch time, we were still stuffed from breakfast (many of us helped ourselves to seconds and thirds). By dinner we were still full from lunch. Hearty, nutritious and delicious meals with a spin on Jamaican cuisine were unique and constantly indulging treats. We fell in love with Chef Kalisa’s cooking!

Sample menu of some of the delicious Jamaican food we deeply indulged in!

Breakfast: Coconut waffles + Pineapple Rum Maple Syrup, Sweet Plantain Pancakes + Spiced Maple Caramel, Savory Cornmeal Porridge topped with Braised Bok Choy. Lunch: Pureed Callaloo Soup, Tostone Grilled Cheese, Tomato Salad. Dinner: Stout Braised Beans over Garlic Mashed Breadfruit, Raw Zucchini, Vegetable Rundown over Coconut Rice, Roasted Pumpkin with Soy and Honey Glaze.

It’s Jamaica, Enough Said!

They say location is everything, and “everything” is a great way to describe the home of Reggae, Jerk chicken and dreadlocked rastas. Jamaica’s white sand beaches, mountainous landscapes and no-worry culture is the perfect backdrop for general well being. The sun shined every day, the heat was humid, but refreshing – especially for this Milwaukee woman – and lush green scenery trailed along the roadside of all our journeys.

Have you been to my homeland of Jamaica? If not why not?!! It is beyond beautiful and the people are welcoming and vibrant. But, if you go for one reason-go for the food! The Runaway Jamaica first caught my eye on Facebook last year while they were running their Kickstarter campaign. It is a unique Bed & Breakfast in the area of Runaway Bay that combines all the great things that Jamaica has to offer. Kenya, who is a travel blogger at “A Little Bit Out Of Place”, recently attended a retreat at The Runaway Jamaica which combined wellness, food & fun.

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